Hi, I’m Emma!


I’m Emma.

If you’re after one of those got-it-all-together, zen, organised, perfectly-presented, always-calm mums, then I’m not your girl!

You see, I love to live and share my authentic life.

The one which sometimes means I lose it at my girls, I eat far too much chocolate, I indulge and get caught up in my fears and worries, and I hook back into that busyness trap, which keeps me…. you guessed it: trapped.

But, I am human. And, I know that if I am showing up and doing the very best I can, then that’s all I can ask of myself.

Wind the clock back a few years and I found myself lost in sea of sleepless nights, feeding, running around after a toddler during the day, cleaning the house (that stuff NEVER ends – I can see you nodding your head to that one!!), just rolling through the motions day in, day out, week in, week out.

I wasn’t filled with the joy that I thought I should be. There just seemed to be a void and I knew there had to be something more.

I had this voice in my head that was worse than Judge Judy. Remember her? She would commentate and critique me all day long and had me constantly questioning myself… Am I doing enough for my girls? Am I being a good enough mum and partner?

There was always a sense of lack.

No matter what I did, I still didn’t feel like I was doing/being/making/contributing enough.

I thought that holiday in five months’ time, renovating, buying whatever that ‘new thing’ or new experience was could somehow fill that void. But they just didn’t…

So, I started searching and reading, I worked with a coach and started to peel back some layers.

Then I found mindfulness….

It was a game changer. The philosophies and simple tools, when practiced regularly, changed my whole perspective on life.

What I also discovered (and this took me a while), is that it all comes back to me. Our external world is a direct reflection of our internal world. If we aren’t nurturing ourselves, if we don’t have the tools, skills and awareness, then we can’t show up as the best, beautiful version of ourselves.

Once I started to work on being the best version of me, it was like this beautiful ripple effect. My relationships with others improved, I listened more, I had more patience and tolerance with my girls, I genuinely began to feel more joy in my life.

This is why I created my programs. To help and share with mums like you how to be present, to find more joy in the simplicities of life, to reconnect, and to help reduce the overwhelm and busyness trap that we all seem to have fallen into.

Does this mean I have the magic ticket to happiness?

Absolutely not!

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learnt is that life isn’t about always being happy. Sorry to burst the bubble on that one! The nature of our lives is that we will feel a range of emotions, even on a daily basis, and we will inevitably experience discomfort, pain, heartache and hard times.

The beauty of mindfulness is that we learn skills and tools to help us navigate these and ride the waves of life.

Wouldn’t it feel good to stop swimming against the tide?

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