Learn to tame your mind, build connection and find more joy in your life.


Would you like to  find out more on how you can learn to tame your mind, reshape your thoughts to become more positive, find more pleasure in the simple joys of life, better manage your emotions, be more present and connected with your children, and make time for YOU?!


Then I’ve got you covered! Join me for my 4 week course where you will learn about mindfulness, meditation and mindset strategies you can take away and start using to assist in cultivating the life you want….


  • Less overwhelm –  yes please
  • More patience and tolerance when your kids are pushing your buttons
  • Responding rather than reacting to those you love – this one is great for not just your kids, but with all family members
  • Feeling a sense of peace in where you are at right now – I know I was sick of always thinking about the ‘next’ thing.


Sound good?


Here’s what you can expect:

  • 4 weeks of video training modules. Broken down into easy to consume bite-sized videos.     
  • Weekly online group calls where I will answer all your questions.
  • New, practical and easy to implement strategies weekly- don’t worry they won’t add to the overwhelm!
  • Weekly PDF workbooks with practical tools and action steps to support you along the way.
  • Access to the supportive Facebook group. Be part of the community where you can ask questions, share triumphs and struggles. Connect and feel supported through your 4 week journey.  

*Bonus module ‘Disconnect to Reconnect’ How to take back control of your screen time. Trust me we can all work on this, even if we don’t admit it!


Next course beginning October 2018



I am not beating myself up as much for not completing tasks and I’m able to stop my mind chatter when I hear it. I as catch myself being more centered and present in things I do with the kids. I’ve noticed an improvement in all the relationships in our household. Thanks Emma for this wonderful, insightful course.


This course has been life changing. I feel like I am calmer, and can get passed worries a lot quicker than I used to. Being pregnant and struggling with anxiety the course has helped me so much. Including the new tools I have learnt and meditation, I can see and feel the huge benefits in my life. Bree

I am feeling a lot more relaxed and less stressed about all the little things. This has meant I feel less overwhelmed day to day.  I’m able to focus more on the present moment when I’m with my family and we are enjoying our time together more Brooke

I’ve found using strategies from the course I’m able to better manage my stress and anxiety. This has helped to reduce my overwhelm which has meant a calmer household. I’ve found myself slowing down more to take note and appreciate moments in the day. I’m meditating each day, and I find this calms me. This course has really impacted our family in so many positive ways! Hayley